External link to Conflicts With Shared Sacred Sites

Conflicts With Shared Sacred Sites

https://youtu.be/IpqnNaJS3ws  The Abrahamic traditions (Judaism, Christianity and Islam), share the same God, history, prophets and architectural sites, which has led to camaraderie as well as  conflicts in Jerusalem. In this video, Professor Ron Hassner  argues that sacred sites are particularly prone to conflicts and is skeptical of any kind of long term resolution over the sacred sites in Jerusalem.  Explain why you may agree or […]

External link to Literary Terms

Literary Terms

Note: The research process involves three stages: planning, exploring, and evaluating sources. When you write about literature in college whether the work is fiction, drama, or poetry, you will discuss the plot, characters, and setting. Write the literary vocabulary terms in a Microsoft word document. 1. genre 2. fiction, dramatic soliloquy 3. characters, protagonist, theme, descriptive language 4. narrator, persona, omniscient narrator 5. plot, exposition, […]

External link to Week 12 Learning Lab Comment

Week 12 Learning Lab Comment

Question: Do you distinguish between values and virtues? Does your supervisor, co-worker or someone you know distinguish between values and virtues? Why or why not? Provide examples. Comment: I feel values are personal beliefs based on an individuals morals and virtues are the actions or behaviors that result from the values. For example, I feel that valuing success is common among many folks in their […]

External link to Discussion: Tips

Discussion: Tips

https://www.ted/talks/chris_anderson_ted_s_secret_to_great_public_speaking?referrer=playlist-before_public_speaking&language=en   https://www.youtube/watch?v=AykYRO5d_lI   https://professional.dce.harvard/10-tips-improving-your-public-speaking-skills    or this discussion, I have collected a few resources with some major tips for presentations. Please review ALL of the resources.  The Science of Stage Fright (Links to an external site.) Five Tips for Public Speaking (Links to an external site.) 10 Tips for Improving Public Speaking (Links to an external site.) TASK:  After reviewing all of the above resources, write at least a […]

External link to Activity: Good Presentations (TED Talk)

Activity: Good Presentations (TED Talk)

https://www.ted/talks/richard_turere_my_invention_that_made_peace_with_lions?language=en#t-359932    For this activity, I’d like you to watch this TED Talk.  (Links to an external site.)  (Links to an external site.) (Links to an external site.)1. As you listen, pay attention to the way he speaks–for example, how he manages his strong accent, pauses for effect, contains his nervousness, etc. Pick 1 moment in the TED Talk where you think the author did something particularly effective […]

External link to discussion


REPLY TO THIS OPINION FROM A CLASSMATE WITH YOUR PERSONAL OPINION IN 80 WORDS. DUE IN 40 MIN.  In 1969 Morrison started writing Sula in a situation where most African and Americans practiced activism. Morrison, with other African activists, was putting much of their energy towards working on equality, human rights, and other legal opportunities. The book addresses most of the human racial activities, bigotry, and the […]

External link to response to a classmate

response to a classmate

Instruction   reply to at least one classmate in no fewer than 75 words.     classmate journal:  I  agree  that Gregory’s transformation highlights his isolation and  alienation before his metamorphosis because is how he felt with the high  responsibility he had on his shoulder of being the person who had to  support the entire family, without having a personal or social life.  Having a hard worker […]

External link to Luis Rodriguez

Luis Rodriguez

As you read for Journal Entry #4 (and part of #3 too), Luis J. Rodriguez becomes involved in social activism and works toward making progress in his school as well as his overall community.  We’ll break down our new unit topic more later in our module today, but for the moment… What are some examples of times Rodriguez worked to bring about change in the […]

External link to 341 C Reading: Sheller Natural hedonism

341 C Reading: Sheller Natural hedonism

Instructions Read the following  Sheller, M. (2004). Natural hedonism. The invention of Caribbean islands as tropical playgrounds. In D. Duval. Tourism in the Caribbean: Trends, development, prospects (Contemporary geographies of leisure, tourism, and mobility; 3). London; New York: Routledge. 23-38. This reading will help you examine the way that historical representations of the Caribbean continue to impact the way that the Caribbean and its people […]

External link to Discussion


300 words no plagiarism  1 reference min Communication is vital to many situations where people are involved. This plays a role both personally and professionally. This week you learned about the important role of communication and the variety of tools that can be used to communicate. Inquiry: Assume the role of a manager who has a very diversified team. You have the following team members: […]

External link to Video Review

Video Review

https://www.youtube/watch?v=A_ij-ZkBu6o   Listen to the following speech on religious intolerance. Hana was 15 years old and a Sophomore at Cajon High School (right across from Cal State’s main campus) during academic year 2018-2019. Now, at 17 and a senior, she is still part of her school’s Speech and Debate Team. She researched and wrote the speech on her own while her teachers and parents gave her some feedback. […]

External link to 2 Oral Comm Discussion Posts

2 Oral Comm Discussion Posts

Please watch each YouTube video and then write a 200 word discussion based on the video and the questions that follow. I need it done in 12 hours or 10:30PM central.   Discussion One Watch video and respond to the following questions:  https://www.youtube/watch?v=TXlHKTPfLVA This is a clip from the classic movie 12 Angry Men in which a jury deliberates the fate of a teenage boy […]

External link to Discussion


Instructions Choose only ONE of the following options below and, in your post, write a paraphrase that avoids plagiarism of the paragraph you have chosen. Your paraphrase can be as long as the excerpt you have chosen, but should not duplicate any phrasing from the excerpt. If you must, you can quote up to three words in a phrase.When you are done posting your paraphrase, […]

External link to Research Paper Narrated presentation

Research Paper Narrated presentation

To practice communicating techncial information verbally, students will prepare a 1-2 min presentation on their research paper . submit a narrated PPT presentation  The most effective presentations are accompanied by visuals. When a spoken message is supported with visual information (text, images), the technical content is easier to understand and will be retained longer. Using PowerPoint, create a slide deck with speaker/presentation notes. The notes will […]

External link to reflection paper

reflection paper

are required to write a 5-7 page paper — typed in 12 point Times New Roman font,  double spaced, using APA, MLA, or Chicago format. While your personal reflections are  important, they should not make up the majority of your paper. You will be expected to  make connections with class readings, lectures, and conversations. As in all academic writing you are also expected to cite […]

External link to Reflection Paper #5 (Chapters 9, 10, 11) Analysis of an Interpersonal Relationship

Reflection Paper #5 (Chapters 9, 10, 11) Analysis of an Interpersonal Relationship

In this paper, you will analyze a current or past relationship. This relationship can be a friendship or a romantic relationship. Briefly describe the time period in which this relationship occurred or is occurring and who the other person is to you, describing the relational type utilizing terms from Chapter 10. What are the costs and rewards of this relationship (pp. 284-286)? Describe at least […]

External link to Essay


SOCIAL PROBLEMS, SYG 2010 Guidelines for Paper Assignment 2 Length: between 2-4 pages long (double-spaced) 1. DEFINING SOCIOLOGICAL CONCEPTS. 20 pts. In your own words define sociological concepts of bean pole family structure and sandwich generation discussed in class. 2.  EXPAINING THEORETICAL CONCEPTS.  20 pts. Briefly explain how bean pole family structure and sandwich generation affect the caregiving of the elderly by their families.   […]

External link to ENGRD 111 Final Journal

ENGRD 111 Final Journal

ENGRD 111 Final Assignment– To be completed for class 9 of RAD. (Submit a text entry box or a file upload) This is your final assignment in your RAD class for ENGWR 300!  The journal assignment asks you to create an assignment for yourself using multiple RAD strategies (KWL+, Metacognition, Annotation, Double Entry Journal, Patterns Graphics Organizers, Purpose, Style and Speed) you will use on […]

External link to Communication Discussion 5

Communication Discussion 5

Before answering the prompts, make sure to read Chapter 8 of our textbook and watch the Marie Kondo 2017 presentation below: https://www.youtube/watch?v=rAC4sprfqgU&t=1s Prompts: If a total stranger took a quick look into the spaces where you spend the most time (your room, car, desk or work area, etc.) would they assume you are an “organized” or “disorganized” person? Not that there’s anything wrong with either. […]

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