External link to People and Empires in the Americas, 500-1500

People and Empires in the Americas, 500-1500

responsible for section 4 of chapter 16, pages 459 to 463, ” The Inca Create a Mountain Empire”  You are to prepare a one pager. A one pager is a one page summary notes of a section/chapter/book. Included in this one pager are brief phrases or sentences, questions to areas unclear, words, symbols, diagrams, pictures, etc. that capture the essentials of the section. Fill up […]

External link to Critical Essay

Critical Essay

You are tasked with discussing the Black Feminist/ Womanism Movement and the music related with that movement. One Source to Use: Claudia Jones- An end to the neglect of the problems of the Negro woman! Essay Requirements: Cover Page (Title of Paper, Student Name, Course Name, Professor’s Name, and Date) Use of at least 5 sources: must include at least 1 source from the assigned […]

External link to World Religion and Thoughts

World Religion and Thoughts

Using the References below write an essay following the guidelines. 1..) Write an essay that examines the famous line from the text, “a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”(Lao Tzu), and relate it either to some aspect of your personal experience, or the current struggle in our country with social justice or partisan politics. Do not try to do all three. […]

External link to HISTORY 3


Submit by on Wednesday, April 14. 1) What were the main issues that sparked the American Revolution/War of Independence?  Did all American colonists support separation from Great Britain? 2) What is the significance of the American victories at Saratoga (1777) and Yorktown (1781)?  Why was the winter at Valley Forge important? 3) How did the American Revolution affect enslaved people?  How did it affect women? […]

External link to Western Civilization

Western Civilization

In modern world history, the rise of the West is arguably the most important Influential event. Write a paper to discuss 1.) what are the Internal and external factors that had caused the rise of the West; and 2.) then discuss how this rise has impacted the world various ways (politics, economy, science and technology, society and culture)The duration of the period should cover approximately […]

External link to 2 part essay, 3-4 pages total

2 part essay, 3-4 pages total

I have a 2-4 page essay due. 2 pages for the “in their own words” portion, as well as an additional 1-2 pages for the articles of confederation. I can provide scanned copies of chapters from the reading if that helps.  Choose one of the sources from the “IN THEIR OWN WORDS” sections of Chapters 5-8.  (Examples: Sam Adams, Paul Revere, George Washington, Abigail and John Adams, […]

External link to HIST 318 – ASSIGNMENT #4


After the second wave of the Great Migration, the country witnessed an uptick in black representation in elected office in urban cities. That representation included prominent black political figures like Congresswoman Barbara Jordan. In 1972, attorney Barbara Jordan was elected to the U.S. House of Representatives, representing her home state of Texas. In 1976, she became the first African-American woman to deliver the keynote address […]

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Europe in the Medieval period (350-1450) was overwhelmingly ruled by various monarchies. European monarchs in this period–similar to monarchs we have looked at in past modules–held absolute power, which meant that their subjects had very little recourse to challenge their decisions or actions. However, in 1215, the wealthy Barons of England decided that their monarch–King John–was no longer fit to call ALL of the shots. […]

External link to Section 2: Essays

Section 2: Essays

Students will write TWO essays from the list below for the midterm exam. Students can choose any two essay topics and will write two, separate essays. Each essay is worth 40 points. I expect that you will reference any and all sources available to you to answer the following questions; however, the work and arguments you produce should BE YOUR OWN! You should plan to […]

External link to Assignment 10

Assignment 10

Watch the following short videos on terrorism.  Altogether the videos will take up about 40 minutes. Discuss some of the causes of terrorist activity.  There are many groups with vastly different ideologies who use terrorist tactics.  Are there similar causes behind the different activities of terrorist groups in the videos?  Use the chapter on The Use of Force in the textbook for the class, D’Anieri (2015) to help […]

External link to hist 318 Discussion Board melissa

hist 318 Discussion Board melissa

1) 4/9/2021 – FORUM FRIDAYS: THE LITTLE ROCK 9 AND OPRAH In this week’s lecture, we discussed the modern Civil Rights Movement, which occurred during the second wave of the Great Migration. In our coverage, we examined the 1957 integration of Central High School in Little Rock, Arkansas, where 9 black teenagers known as the “Little Rock 9” faced opposition and daily harassment from classmates, […]

External link to analysis


Question -Identify the historical context of the document in a short paragraph. Cover any relevant economic, social, cultural or political issues that help situate this passage. Explain the relevance of this passage for understanding important historical problems or issues. Why is this SPECIFIC passage useful for historical research? What does it tell us about human society in the past?  John Locke, Two Treatises of Government, […]

External link to Twentieth Century

Twentieth Century

As part of our study of music from the Twentieth era, you will introduce the composer of your choice based on the Twentieth Century PowerPoint (Slides 1-15). The project is chunked into two assignments. Assignment #1: Complete the necessary research for the composer. Assignment #2: Five-paragraph essay about the life and music of your composer based on the research you completed. Assignment #1 – Research […]

External link to Public Policy

Public Policy

Public Policy – Housing Stability Before anyone had heard of COVID-19, Texas already had a housing affordability problem. The cost of housing has risen steady over the past three decades while wages for low-skill and unskilled workers have been largely stagnant. When the coronavirus pandemic derailed the economy in March, 2020, many Texans found themselves out of work, especially service workers in nail salons, restaurants, […]

External link to WORLD MUSIC


Writing Assignment: Critical Review of “World Music” Recording  Choose from Topic A.  • Suggested length: 3 pages or 600 words and a reference page.  • First Draft Due in Module 4  • Final Paper Due in Module 6  • Completion Time: First draft – 4 hours. Final draft – 3 hours.  Topic A:  A defining feature of “world music,” “world beat,” or “ethno-pop,” as it […]

External link to Culturally Relevant Ballet

Culturally Relevant Ballet

Assignment 10: Culturally Relevant Ballet   Review Dance Magazine article, Is the Nutcracker Racist?  Click on the link: https://www.dancemagazine/burning_question_is_nutcracker_racist-2306921922.html After reading the Dance Magazine article, Write 2 Pages, discuss concepts, such as “color blindness”, “racist verse exclusivity” and “cultural inclusion” as it relates to the discussion about the Nutcracker.

External link to Discussion 400 words

Discussion 400 words

Envisaging leadership as a process centered on the interactions between leaders and followers (dyads) is better that envisaging leadership from the point of view of the leader, (alone) or leader’s behaviour as informed by the follower’s characteristics, task characteristics and the context. Discuss critically. In your discussion, I want you to mention some of the leadership theories that have been developed from the italicized words. […]

External link to Discussion 5

Discussion 5

Pick three of the following terms and describe their significance as it relates to the global impact on world history during 1914-1960. 1. Fascism                                                          6. The Holocaust 2. The Great Depression              […]

External link to Critical Essay

Critical Essay

You are tasked with discussing the Black Feminist/ Womanism Movement and the music related with that movement. One Source to Use: Claudia Jones- An end to the neglect of the problems of the Negro woman! Essay Requirements: Cover Page (Title of Paper, Student Name, Course Name, Professor’s Name, and Date) Use of at least 5 sources: must include at least 1 source from the assigned […]

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