External link to Week 3 Discussion: Analyzing Correlation

Week 3 Discussion: Analyzing Correlation

This week, we are looking at the relationship between quantitative variables. We will concentrate on two variables for the purpose of this Discussion. We will be looking at the direction—positive or negative—and the strength—weak, moderate, or strong—of the correlation. There are no hard and fast rules on what numbers mean weak, moderate, or strong correlations; however, here is a rule of thumb: 0 < 0.4 […]

External link to needs assistance

needs assistance

For these assignments, you will take on the role of a consultant for a government agency. Your consulting firm has been asked by the agency to conduct research, compile a report, and provide recommendations for improvement of their personnel management system. The first role of the consultant is to become familiar with the agency and its departments.   Explore one federal agency. You may select […]

External link to Final Assignment

Final Assignment

In the final project, our purpose is to apply what we have learned in the past seven weeks plus the basic idea of conformal mapping in Chapter 17 to potential problems. This will lead to boundary value problems and many engineering applications in electrostatics, heat flow, and fluid flow which are covered in sections 18.2, 18.3, and 18.4. You will need to choose a problem to […]

External link to Week 6 assignment

Week 6 assignment

Sampling Distribution A computer scanner can read a bar code on a package correctly 97% of  the time. One company monitors the accuracy of the scanner by randomly  sampling packages and verifying that each package has been correctly  scanned.  Random samples of size n = 25, 50, 100, and 200 have recently  been taken with the following results.       Sample Size, n        Number Correctly Scanned     […]

External link to Math Tesselation

Math Tesselation

Create_a tessellation pattern using Microsoft®_Paint, GeoGebra, Microsoft®_PowerPoint®, or other means available to you and approved by the instructor; or you may draw something by hand. Refer to the following resources for help with creating a tessellation: Tessellation Help  Drawing a Tessellation by Hand  Tessellation Example and Non-Example  Technology Resource Library Use_color and shading to make your tessellation visually pleasing. Write_a minimum 350-word_paper that includes the following:  An […]

External link to Select Survey Method and Questions

Select Survey Method and Questions

Instructions This assignment consists of three parts: (1) Recommend and justify a method of survey administration to be used to meet the quantitative research objectives listed below; (2) develop a list of questions to be used on a questionnaire to meet the objectives listed; (3) Explain the method of survey administration you would use if a survey was conducted in your intended research. To determine […]

External link to linaer equation

linaer equation

https://www.ted.com/talks/chris_anderson_technology_s_long_tail%20 describe the graph you selected from the video on technology’s long tail including: What does the graph show? What values are on the y- and x-axis? What is the overall pattern displayed on the graph? Be sure to mention all key points on the graph as presented. Write the two points you selected as ordered pairs and determine the slope between these two points. […]

External link to Psychology Statistics Discussion

Psychology Statistics Discussion

The purpose of this discussion is to allow you to consider how nonparametric tests are used and how two types of chi-square tests compare. To do this, you will need to explain statistical concepts and assess assumptions, limitations, and implications associated with statistical tests. For your initial post, Describe the chi-square goodness-of-fit test. Explain what this test measures. Explain how the chi-square goodness-of-fit test is […]

External link to Math week 4 Discussion

Math week 4 Discussion

This week focuses on applications of measurement. One of the basic concepts of geometry is learning to calculate the perimeter and area of two-dimensional shapes. Once that is mastered, you can calculate surface area and volume for three-dimensional shapes. Respond to the following in a minimum of 175 words: Research the flag for the state in which you live and share a picture of the […]

External link to statistics


Initial Post Instructions Topic: Poisson Probability Distribution The Poisson Distribution is a discrete probability distribution where the number of occurrences in one interval (time or area) is independent of the number of occurrences in other intervals. April Showers bring May Flowers!! Research the “Average Amount of Days of Precipitation in April” for a city of your choice. In your initial post, Introduce Introduce the City […]

External link to physics assignment

physics assignment

A bird species in danger of extinction has a population that is decreasing exponentially (A = A0e^kt). Five years ago, the population was at 1400 and today only 1000 of the birds are alive. Once the population drops below 100, he situation will be irreversible. When will this happen? According to the U. S. Bureau of the Census, in 2000 there were 35.3 million residents […]

External link to physics discussion

physics discussion

Solve each logarithmic equation. Be sure to reject any value of x that is not in the domain of the original logarithmic expressions. Give the exact answer. Then, use a calculator to obtain a decimal approximation to three decimal places, for the solution. log2 (x_3) + log2 x _ log2 (x+2) =2 ln (x_4) + ln (x+1) = ln (x _8) 2 log3 (x+4) =log3 […]

External link to part B of a statistics project due within 4 hours and data set

part B of a statistics project due within 4 hours and data set

Hypotheses testing: Show your hypothesis test and discuss any conclusions they suggest State the hypotheses you will test and formally write them in proper notation Give the results (reject, fail to reject) and explain what that means in a practical way. Conclusion: Discuss the weaknesses of your study. To what population do you feel comfortable extrapolating your results? Why? Give suggestions for further work in […]

External link to week 4 assignment

week 4 assignment

Week 4 Assignment – Case Study: Transforming Data Into Information Overview The Woodmill Company makes windows and door trim products. The first step in the process is to rip dimension (2 × 8,2 × 10, etc.) lumber  into narrower pieces. Currently, the company uses a manual process in  which an experienced operator quickly looks at a board and determines  what rip widths to use. The […]

External link to Statistics help

Statistics help

Hello there!  I saw your ad on kijiji and was wondering if you are familiar with Psychology statistics. There is a program called IBM Spss which i need to use for an assignment but have no idea how to. Are you familiar with that? If so i can pay whatever is needed for help,  Thanks.



Introduction Presentation using PowerPoint. In your Introduction presentation, you will discuss your major, what you expect to learn, share your hobbies. You will need a Title Slide and Summary Slide along with your content slides. If you are using another author’s words/thoughts, make sure you have a References slide. Make sure you have a PowerPoint Theme Be creative: use animation, graphics, etc. Make sure you […]

External link to MA 1025 MOD 1 QUESTION 6-20

MA 1025 MOD 1 QUESTION 6-20

Question 6 1 point In chemistry the volume for a certain gas is given by V=25TV=25T, where VV is measured in cc and TT is temperature in °C°C. If the temperature varies between 90°C90°C and 110°C110°C , find the set of volume values. Enter the exact answer in interval notation. To enter __, type infinity. To enter __, type U. Do not enter any commas in your answer. […]

External link to week 5 discussion

week 5 discussion

The manager of a fast-food store realizes that her staffing problems  are a result of the variation in the number of customers that arrive at  the store. If the same number of customers came each hour, she would  know exactly how many servers to have working. It turns out that the  Poisson distribution works well to describe the arrivals of customers in  any given hour. […]

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