External link to Discussion Question

Discussion Question

Describe two dilemmas that counselor might face in attempting to plan research with special populations (e.g., seriously mentally ill, children, persons with disabilities, elderly, other members of a marginalized group of people). Why are the ethical dilemmas? What principles of ethical research are involved? How would you handle these dilemmas in planning your research? Be sure to include references to justify your responses.

External link to Wendy Lewis 3

Wendy Lewis 3

Chapter 1 1.Is there a difference between the terms diagnosis and assessment? How would you de_ne the diagnostic assessment, and what client-relevant factors are the most important to identify? Chapter 2   1.Is it important for mental health practitioners to be aware of the DSM and the ICD, and if so, why?   2.Why is it critical to realize and incorporate the mind-body connection when completing the […]

External link to Schools, Peers, and Media Influences on Childhood Behavior and Beliefs

Schools, Peers, and Media Influences on Childhood Behavior and Beliefs

Select a current event or news item about a child/children in which the impact of schools, peers, or media was integral.  Post a brief description of the event or news item you selected. Then conceptualize and explain this event within the framework of social-emotional development theories. Be sure to include references to the impact of schools, peers, and/or media specific to the event or item. […]

External link to Chapter 12 Assignment

Chapter 12 Assignment

Instructions: By now you have read Chapter 12. Your job for this assignment is to answer the following personal adjustment/critical thinking questions that pertain to topics in chapter 12. Each answer needs to be a minimum of one paragraph (5 full length sentences) to received full credit. Questions: Provide a personal example of an experience in which your behavior was influenced by the power of […]

External link to Big 5 Personality Testing

Big 5 Personality Testing

https://www.outofservice.com/bigfive The link above will take you directly to the personality test. Be sure to save your results to include with your assignment. https://www.outofservice.com/bigfive/results/?o=19,100,100&c=25,100,69&e=100,50,44&a=6,13,0&n=81,19,94&y=1990&g=m The above is my result 4 TO 5 PAGES You will send me the first page of your results (10 pts). For this assignment you should comment on the following: How accurately do I feel the test described me? Look at […]

External link to Current Events

Current Events

Using one of the news websites from the provided list, search for a current news story that demonstrates a moral or ethical dilemma. Your current news selection must be within the last 90 days. Examine the news story. Be sure to reflect and consider all aspects and viewpoints the author provides. In your initial post, state the title of the news story and include the link so […]

External link to Wendy Lewis 1

Wendy Lewis 1

According to the 2014 ACA code of ethics “Counselors respect the diversity of clients, trainees, and research participants and seek training in areas in which they are at risk of imposing their values onto clients, especially when the counselor’s values are inconsistent with the client’s goals or are discriminatory in nature.” Review Butman and Yarhouse’s article “Psychopathology Through the Eyes of Faith: Integrative Reflections for […]

External link to Big 5 personality testing

Big 5 personality testing

https://www.outofservice.com/bigfive/results/?o=50,44,63&c=44,44,44&e=38,56,44&a=56,50,44&n=75,75,69&y=2000&g=m This my result.  4-5 pages 5 citation minimum   https://www.outofservice.com/bigfive/ (Links to an external site.) The link above will take you directly to the personality test. Be sure to save your results to include with your assignment. You will send me the first page of your results (10 pts). For this assignment you should comment on the following: How accurately do I feel the test […]

External link to Feminism


In 1 to 2 sentences, identify and describe the problem to be worked on in your chosen case study. In 1 to 2 sentences, explain how feminist theory you are utilizing defines and explains the cause of the problem. In 1 to 2 sentences, use feminist theory to describe the role of the social worker to facilitate change in the case study. In the assessment […]

External link to week 2 project

week 2 project

view the video interviews below with clients who have been diagnosed with various disorders. link below  Video on ADHD Video on Tourette’s Video on Paranoid Schizophrenia For the assignment you need to: First review the diagnosis and case history of the disorder. Create at least 2 questions you would ask (these can also be taken from the videos) and identify the theme of the question. Make […]

External link to Discussion Paragraph/Defense Mechanisms

Discussion Paragraph/Defense Mechanisms

Discussion Thread topic: Based on the Defense Mechanisms from the text and the handout in the information section, what defense mechanism is the most impacting and damaging for individuals to use? In this thread you are to build the discussion from the topic above. Each student is to address the conversation with ONE full thought in a well designed and complete paragraph. Each student will […]

External link to ePortfolio


Connection to Disciplines: Students will be able to identify and evaluate insights from multiple disciplines. Insert  your Draft Interdisciplinary Research Paper from PRST 4995 that  demonstrates your achievement of this learning outcome, and answer the  reflection prompts below for the Interdisciplinary Research Paper (see  pages 332-330 in your textbook). How has researching and writing about this topic from an  interdisciplinary perspective challenged your bias and […]

External link to Assignment: Scholar Practitioner Assignment: Addressing Co-Occurring Disorders

Assignment: Scholar Practitioner Assignment: Addressing Co-Occurring Disorders

Assignment: Scholar Practitioner Assignment: Addressing Co-Occurring Disorders It is no coincidence that mental disorders and addiction often appear together because they share causative neurological roots hence, co-occurring disorders. Individuals with mental disorders often turn to mood-altering chemicals and behaviors in an attempt to self-medicate, making them more vulnerable to addiction. The rates of co-occurring disorders are high. A differential diagnosis, or a diagnostic decision that […]

External link to Discussion Response

Discussion Response

Week7 D1 Research Design for One-Way ANOVA The logic of ANOVA is the same as a t test, which is to test the hypothesis (Warner, 2012). However, a t-test is limited to comparing 1-2 groups, while ANOVA allows for testing 2+ samples (Warner, 2012).  When ANOVA procedures are applied to data with one dependent and one independent variable, such as race and mental health literacy […]

External link to Chapter 4

Chapter 4

Use below structure  (15 points) to organize your visually appealing (2 points), 5-minute-digital narration (1 point), using your own voice to tell a cross-cultural story of societal importance in a creative way (2 points): Cover Slide: Your Name, Unique Project Title, Course Name (Number) + Instructor Name (1 point) Introduction: Describe a relevant cross-cultural psychology concept (topic focus) and draw the attention of the audience […]

External link to Week 5 discussion 1&2

Week 5 discussion 1&2

Discussion 1 Questionnaire Design Using the textbook, required articles and recommended resources, construct a 5-6 item questionnaire on a topic of your choice. Your questionnaire can include either open-ended or closed-ended (fixed format) questions. Submit your completed questionnaire to this discussion forum. Be sure to consider the following when responding: What are the strengths and weaknesses of the questionnaire overall? Consider how the items are […]



Prior to beginning work on this discussion, please review the following websites, and read the following required articles: Ethical Decision Making The Difference Between Deductive and Inductive Reasoning ASCA Ethical Standards for School Counselors To Tell or Not to Tell: The Fine Line Between Minors’ Privacy and Others’ Right to Know Play the expert in the following scenario and apply ethical decision-making to your rationale […]

External link to unit 1 7711.

unit 1 7711.

1- In this unit, you have learned about the functions of measurement in ABA. For this discussion, post a substantive response to the following: Describe three scenarios in which measurement is crucial in identifying the effectiveness of a program, product, skill set, system, or similar. Explain why measurement is crucial and describe what would happen if effectiveness was not measured. According to the Professional and […]

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