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Essay Questions

What is an argument and explanation? Define those concepts with proper examples and their divisions. How do we describe statements and sentences by using examples. How can we standardize an argument. Explain with example. Why descriptions, assertions and explanations are not an argument? Clarify your answers. – 200 – 300 words per question!

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Thoughts & Ideas: Research (SPE) Options Menu: Forum

asks you to read the associated article and view two videos on the Stanford Prison Experiment. The discussion prompt asks you to summarize the experiment, describe your feelings and indicate what did we learn from this experiment. Conclude with a discussion of the ethics of the experiment. Was it ethical or not? If so – why; if not – why not?  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z0jYx8nwjFQ

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discussion for solution to global issues class

I need a discussion paper about half of a page, no cover, to my class.   Chapter 6, “Climate Change,” of your textbook discusses reputable scientific studies that show that the Earth is warming at an unsustainable rate because of a rise in the release of CO2 and methane gases. What is the relationship between population increases and climate change? Do you think fertility control […]

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Philosophy discussion

This week’s readings raise the ultimate ontological question: Is there such a thing as reality? Where do you stand on this question, and why? As noted in the content, many philosophers question whether these ontological musings are relevant—whether or not we can know the ultimate truth of reality can be a challenging or amusing debate topic, but the answer does not make a difference to […]

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Thoughts & Ideas: Theorists Options Menu: Forum

After reading the chapter on theories and listening to the recorded video post your thoughts on the following questions: Who is your favorite social theorist and why? Then provide your opinion (no wrong answer) on the purpose of sociology. I strongly recommend viewing the recorded video. The video discusses theorists in a less complicated ways. More importantly, my recorded video discusses more theorists to include […]

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Chapter 5, “Energy,” in your textbook explains why the world is in the midst of an energy crisis as it concerns the rapid use and depletion of nonrenewable natural resources. According to the textbook, “Many experts predict that the largest increase in demand for oil in the coming years will come from increasingly industrialized economies with large populations” (p. 140). Can this crisis be offset […]

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Science and Religion Discussion

Please select one of the questions below to address as your initial post. Feel free to respond to classmates’ posts on different questions. Do you find Gould’s argument of nonoverlapping magisteria convincing? Why or why not? If a philosopher or a scientist is a “naturalist” what does that mean?  Please describe and offer your critique (Chapter 10 of Godfrey-Smith). Is the personal motivation of scientists […]

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How does the culture of an organization come about, and how do ethics and values shape the culture of an organization? Is it possible to change the culture of an organization over time? If so, how? There are three characteristics that form the foundation of an organization’s corporate culture: Corporate culture is shared (i.e., represents a common understanding and interpretation of what is important and […]

External link to Sociology Question

Sociology Question

For this discussion post I would like for you to consider medicine as a profession. Please review the Sup5 file in your supplemental readings folder — it contains a brief sociological definition of professions. The four characteristics identified in that definition are what distinguishes medicine from other occupations. There are of course, enormous benefits to this professionalization, but also consequences that can be understood as […]

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Week 9 midweek assignment

Correlation Coefficient For this assignment, use data from W1 Midweek Assignment. Using Microsoft Excel, compute a correlation coefficient between age and height, following instructions in your lecture. Using the appropriate table in your textbook, find the critical value to determine whether the correlation coefficient between these two variables is significant, following instructions in your lecture. Move your output into a Microsoft Word document and write […]

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Crisis With Individuals, Couples, and Families

For this Assignment, identify two types of crises experienced by individuals, couples, and/or families. (AMBIGUOUS CRISIS AND EXHAUSTION CRISIS) Select two research articles from the Walden Library that discuss interventions for each of the crises you chose (totaling four articles). Think about the merits and limitations of the interventions discussed in your articles and that you would implement in your own practice and why. Consider […]

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To prepare for the project, revisit your discussion assignment entitled “Can We Talk?” — Then, watch the four parts of “Worlds Apart: A Four-Part Series on Cross-Cultural Health Care.”  The four parts are to be found here:      World’s Apart: A Series on Cross-Cultural Health Care      Part 1: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K5d_iPaUrWw      Part 2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p8u0fx7sa-Q      Part 3: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-MkOiWJdoTI      Part […]

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·***********What is the connection between low income families and the lack of affordable housing placing people/families at-risk of becoming homelessness? *********************** Based on your research question from the Final Exam Prep 3 assignment, choose the Conflict Theory which can help you develop a hypothesis and ONE theory that will not help you develop a hypothesis. For the theory that will help you develop a hypothesis, […]

External link to Project Part 2

Project Part 2

Your final project is to be done in two parts and you will have until April 17 to complete them. — To prepare for the project, revisit your discussion assignment entitled “Can We Talk?” — Then, watch the four parts of “Worlds Apart: A Four-Part Series on Cross-Cultural Health Care.”  The four parts are to be found here:      World’s Apart: A Series on […]

External link to Essay ( Abortion)

Essay ( Abortion)

Articulate a specific dilemma in a situation faced by a particular person based on that topic (Abortion). The situation can be real or fictional.                        Summarize the dilemma.                       Define any needed key terms associated with the dilemma.                       Analyze the conflicts or controversies involved in the dilemma.  Discuss any professional code of ethics relevant to your topic such as the AMA code for doctors, the ANA code […]

External link to Mental Illness Discussion

Mental Illness Discussion

What are your thoughts on the pharmaceutical companies’ practice of directly advertising to the general public through print and television media? Do you think this influences how mental illness is perceived and treated? What are the advantages and disadvantages of such a practice? Provide at least one good paragraph and be sure to check your work for spelling and grammatical errors. Respond to 2 other student’s […]

External link to Homeless Discussion

Homeless Discussion

In your opinion, what can be done to reduce the homeless population?  What roll can social workers play to assist the homeless? Provide at least one good paragraph and be sure to check your work for spelling and grammatical errors. Respond to 2 other student’s posts.  Your responses should be at least a paragraph and not just “I agree”.  Points will be deducted for limited work. […]

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Assignment help

MUST USE ATTACHMENTS FOR THIS ASSIGNMENT (4 articles/references and Map attached- must use examples in map within the summary of attributes.) **MUST BE FLUENT IN ENGLISH** for writing and grammar quality and understanding. *READ INSTRUCTIONS THOROUGHLY* Using the 2 disciplinary perspectives Sociology and Economics and the 4 articles from the map, (in attached files) provide a summary of attributes that each discipline contributes to understanding […]

External link to SOCW 6031 Social Work Pratice Research 1

SOCW 6031 Social Work Pratice Research 1

Week 7: Sampling It is impossible to study the entirety of any particular population. However, researchers can collect data for their studies from a sample of a particular population. There are two methods of sampling available for researchers: probability sampling and nonprobability sampling. This week, you examine the terminology used for the sampling aspect of research as well as best practices for its implementation. Then […]

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Purpose:   The purpose of this assignment is to reflect on what you have learned about leadership and yourself through this course.  Based on what you have learned,  develop an answer the question: Why should anybody be led by you? Description:  Then and Now Create a visual representation of what you have learned in this course by describing what you used to think/believe/know about the concepts […]

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