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Social Work Leadership- Addressing Conflicts and Trauma
May 17, 2020
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May 17, 2020

*Be sure to review the course syllabus writing and discussion expectations to ensure you meet the required initial post and peer reply requirements to earn all possible points.A student must post their own authentic discussion post prior to accessing threads to reply to peers.*
Provide an authentic reply to each of the following questions for the Week1discussion post.If you have not yet received your textbook to read Chapter1,a student should be able to successfully reflection and discussion the questions below.
Answer the following questions,in youropinion and from yourknowledge gained through course readings.

1.How can a business or organizationbenefitfrom using a consultant?
2.Have you or your organization usedconsultants in the past?If so,give abrief description of how the consultant interactedwithin your organization.If not,why do you feel they have not used a consultant service in the past?
3.Do you have an interest in becoming aconsultant in the future?Why or why not?