Tourism Dissertation topics done in the Past

Rural Tourism in South Lanarkshire: Leadership and Development

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Learning from the past gives you a foundation and a positive step towards your tourism dissertation

Learning from the past gives you a foundation and a positive step towards your tourism dissertation

The dissertation compared the leader programs in Monmouthshire, and South Lanarkshire, with a greater

focus on the latter. The aim of the leader programmes was to develop tourism projects in rural areas, with consideration of all aspects of rural tourism. This includes bed and breakfasts, farms for example, farming holidays, or petting farms, equine, hunting and fishing tourism, traditional skills including residential dry-stone walling courses, or blacksmithing, food and drink and arts and crafts Rural tourism is especially important in South Lanarkshire, given that its largest towns with the largest population.

  1. Safari tourism in Africa and marketing to the Chinese Clientele

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Chinese nationalists continue to increase both commercially and diplomatically in Africa. This offers a ready market for safari operators, especially at a global level. The research explored the potential for tour operators to promote safaris specifically to a Chinese market including issues of cultural awareness, pricing, shopping, and accommodation. The study further looked at how a London based firm wants to venture into this kind of business and the Chinese firms may have learned from the experienced safari tour providers to provide space for only the Chinese without interruption of African/Chinese.

This study concluded that there is need for countries to market their tourism activities to the numerous Chinese tourists around the world. It was evident that China is becoming a major economy and its number of tourists to African countries is increasing day by day.  Evidently, the authors noted that there is a high number of Chinese tourists visiting the African continent recently and more should be done to capture their full attention and to attract them to invest in various African countries.  The study mainly involved the use of participant observation and interviews as methods of data collection.  The researchers also included surveys of Wildlife officials in Kenya where there is a high number of Chinese tourists with different cultures and programs.

  1. An evaluation of the success of the Annapurna Conservation Area Project in Nepal and its continuing effects on eco- and adventure tourism

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The Annapurna Conservation Project Area in Nepal seeks to redress the balance lost in the expansion of trekking tourism over the last thirty years. The dissertation examined the success of the project in restoring cultural and ecological integrity to the area, without any diminution of the economic benefits that the region needs for survival. A particular focus was on the success of tourism training projects among the indigenous residents of the area, and the effect of such training on tourism, given that eco- and adventure tourism continues to rise. Using secondary research methods and primary research through interviewing key informants, the study offers considerable scope for creativity and research rigor.

The researchers concluded that ecotourism is important and it has been promoted to reconcile promote the goals of tourism development and growth around the world. It was also noted that activities and programs associated with environmental protection and nature conservation is important in attracting various tourists around the world.  The study covered a period of more than ten months and the main research methods to collect data adopted included the use of interviews, surveys as well as tourist’s observation and field research.  The researchers noted that tourism development should be part of government programs around the world.

  1. The role of original art in the commercial success and economic growth of boutique hotels

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The boutique hotel sector has several definitions. Nevertheless, most people agree that such hotels have relatively few guest rooms, offer a distinctive art and design style, and a high standard of service. The dissertation considered how much the role of art in hotels has escalated in recent years and has become a characteristic of boutique hotels. It explored the cost of individual and original art in a number of boutique hotels in the UK, and interviews were conducted with hotel management and guests to determine the role that art plays in choosing to stay within particular hotels.

Based on the study findings, it was evident that although there are similarities between hotel and other commercial property developments especially in terms of land, structures and services development, it is important that investors consider various factors when developing hotels. This includes the consideration of the unique characteristics of the hotel and tourism industry. The researcher also noted that effective and proper management expertise and experience is important within the tourism industry. Tourism companies must adopt effective management and planning to increase their profitability

Some of the factors that management must consider to promote the hotel industry include the principles of a hotel business as well as fundamentals of the tourism industry as a motivator for hotel development and growth in various regions around the world. The authors also noted that adoption of hotel property development, strategic hotel management, as well as other hotel property development feasibility studies and hotel market analysis is important in managing risks within the hotel and tourism industry.

  1. Evaluation and analysis of slum tourism due to poverty and political challenges

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This dissertation investigated the phenomenon of tourism in the slums. Slum tourism dates back more than 100 years. Examined briefly the history of such tours, and considered the value of slum tourism in exposing individuals to inequities in living standards, income and even opportunity. Changes in slum tourism to South Africa, dating from the 1980s, is evaluated throughout its growth to the present day, and compared to those tours currently being offered to the slums of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and Dharavi, India. The paper evaluated whether the residents of slums received any short- or long-term benefit from such exposure, thus determining its value.

From a close analysis of the study, it can be argued that slum tourism is slowly becoming a global problem and corrective action must be taken to control the problem. The majority of poor people living within slums are facing many challenges that have not been witnessed in other developed countries around the world.  This has led to many tourists from developed countries going in different slum regions as tourists to witness challenges of poverty around the world.  This has been witnessed in various regions such as in South Africa as well as in Kenya.  The authors also noted that lack of ethics and poor power politics is a big problem within slums and this should be considered.

  1. Discrimination in bed and breakfast homes in the United Kingdom

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This dissertation examined sexual orientation discrimination and other forms of discrimination in the sector, from race to occupation to children. It weighs the rights of the bed and breakfast owners to choose who should stay in their home with them, against the rights of those who are paying for accommodation, and in the light of anti-discrimination legislation. Interviews were conducted with those who had been declined accommodation, bed and breakfast owners, and industry representatives and finally made recommendations for owners to avoid litigation.

The study concluded that the hospitality industry is a big part of the UK’s tourism industry and it includes accommodation and food service activities.  It was also evident that made food and beverage services are the main driver of the tourism industry in many countries including in the UK. The researchers also noted that many tourists prefer outdoor activities and staying in hotels around the world.

  1. Analyzing the capacity in the London Hotel Market: After the London Olympic in 2012

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This dissertation examined the risks in the London hotel market, focussing on over-capacity, in the wake of the London Olympics 2012. According to several researchers, over-capacity is a natural phenomenon, preferable to under-capacity, occurring in cycles, and is often related to specific events. The study evaluated how severe the after-shocks of the Olympics occurred in the London hotel market, both in the luxury and non-luxury sectors. Additionally, it provided recommendations for hotel operators to help reduce the anticipated challenges in the future.

  1. Corporate Social Responsibility(CSR) model for small, independent hotels: A case of Malawi

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Corporate social responsibility (CSR) need not be the focus of large companies only, yet the economies of scale available to large enterprises ensure that green initiatives and similar CSR endeavors are often restricted to this market. The research investigated and suggested a co-operative model for CSR, whereby small, independent hotels in distinct regions combine to achieve greater savings in energy, services, and supplies. Even aspects such as staff training could be achieved within a co-operative model, thus enabling small businesses to enjoy the benefits that enhanced CSR brings, without the prohibitive costs for one-off courses and contracts.

  1. Souvenir sales at Conferences: T-shirts, tea towels, caps, bags and teddy bears

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Many conference attendees find themselves too busy to shop, but their families look forward to souvenirs; airport souvenir sales outlets do not always fulfill this need, particularly with limited trading hours or have smaller, regional facilities with few shops. This dissertation considered the opportunity for conference souvenirs to expand past the items offered by exhibitors, such as logo-inscribed pens and baseball caps, to a specific sales outlet that retails a variety of souvenirs aimed at different market sectors and price points, and with repeat collectability. Furthermore, the paper reviewed what is currently available, the profitability of such enterprises and made recommendations for conference facilities considering this form of expansion.

  1. Not just a one-way trip: Dark Tourism

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The popular perception that those wishing to die at assisted suicide facilities such as that of Dignitas, in Switzerland, make a single trip is false. At least three trips are required, and patients are usually accompanied by at least one family member. This paper investigated the growing market of death tourism and considers the opportunities for package deals, whereby clients purchase in advance the three components of the travel process. Such packages include specialized excursions, medical assistance or other amenities. The dissertation also examined the legal risks involved in dark tourism and the possible prosecution of companies involved.

  1. Factors influencing the selection of destinations for medical tourism: A Malaysian Perspective

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Medical tourism is a growing trend. An increasing number of people travel to another country, seeking medical treatment which is expensive or unavailable in their own. There are various factors that impact the destination selection process for medical treatment purposes. This destination can be local or international. With limited evidence present on these factors that impact destination selection for medical tourism, there is a need for a comprehensive study which explores these factors in detail. Thus, the main aim of this study was to study the factors that impact the destination selection process for medical purposes.

From a close analysis of the study findings and results, it can be argued many tourists support medical activities and they have a positive impact on patient’s destinations selection and satisfaction level. Notably, it was evident that Malaysia is a famous destination for Indonesians as a medical tourism destination. It is important that the government promote the medical tourism industry to help develop the health ministry as well as the tourism ministry in Malaysia. It was also evident that6 several countries are offering medical tourism in the Asia Pacific region and attracting a big number of tourist every year.

  1. The Impact of low-cost airline services on promoting international tourism in Europe: A case of Ryanair

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With an increasing fare of air travelling the demand for low-cost airline services is on the rising. Ryanair is one of the leading low-cost airline service based in the UK. Many regular travelers are attracted by its low priced air tickets. In view of this, this study explored whether low-cost airlines had a positive impact on increasing international tourism in Europe or not. The research was conducted based on quantitative data that was collected from a sample of Ryanair international tourism travelers.

  1. The effects of eco-friendly practices on the selection of hotels: A case of the UK hospitality industry

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There are various technologies and practices available today which can be used to achieve eco-friendliness, such as; internet of things, automation technology, and sustainable building construction. The eco-friendly practices include; water and energy conservation, renewable energy use, waste recycling and management, healthy environment, clean air, and ventilation. Solar panels and automated systems are installed by many hotels in the UK which generate renewable energy and complete automation for lights and water. Therefore, it was worth evaluating how such eco-friendly practices were affecting hotel selection decision of guests in the UK hospitality industry.

This study concluded that there are various sustainability practices that should be considered to promote and improve the tourism industry. This includes the consideration of corporate social responsibility and tourist satisfaction. When tourists are satisfied they are willing and able to come back and visit a region. Managers working within the hotel industry should adopt various programs such as loyalty program points as well as participate in environmental programs to attract more tourists from various regions around the world.

  1. The economic impact of a country to tourism: Economic factors influencing the tourism and hospitality industry

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Economic factors have a great impact on tourism. When a country is economically strong, it spends on boosting tourism in the country which results in enhanced tourism. However, on the downside, tourism is adversely affected. This research examined and critically analyzed economic factors of a country that impact the tourism and hospitality industry. Furthermore, the dissertation compared the positive and negative effects and the rate at which they make changes within the tourism sector. In conclusion, economic growth contributes positively to the tourism development of a country.

  1. The contribution of social media on the selection of tourism destinations

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Social media plays a huge role in destination selection. The experiences and reviews that people share have a huge impact on tourism. This research analyzed the role of different social media platforms in terms of selection of tourism destinations. Furthermore, the dissertation shed light on the rationale and factors based on which people rely on social media to select their tourism destination.

  1. Effect of government laws, policies, and regulations on tourism development: A case of developing countries

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The tourism sector of any country is greatly looked after by governmental and regulatory bodies. This research analyzed the role which is played by such bodies in terms of policy-making and regulation implementation. The dissertation focused on developing countries because their tourism sector works differently from developed countries.

  1. The impact of travel vloggers and bloggers on the development of the tourism and hospitality industry

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Travel bloggers and vloggers are an important part of the tourism industry now. These are the people who travel the world, document their experience through their writing or videos and influence people. Tourists, throughout the world, now depend on their views and choose their travel destination accordingly. The dissertation explored how these influencers have changed the tourism industry completely.

  1. Factors affecting employee motivation in luxury hotels: A case of Malaysia

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Different hotels have different motivation packages for their employees. The packages are different among luxury and other hotels. This dissertation analyzed the factors that have impacted the employee motivation in luxury and five-star hotels in Malaysia.

  1. Wellness tourism development in Rovaniemi

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Wellness tourism is perceived as a part of the bigger concept of well-being tourism. This dissertation addressed issues concerning wellness product development and cooperation in the region of Ounasvaara, Rovaniemi, located in the Finnish Lapland. The development of wellness products is treated as an important element concerning the future development of Rovaniemi. The chosen research method was the qualitative method and therefore the information was collected through interviews. The purpose was to examine the current situation in the Ounasvaara region regarding wellness tourism

  1. The status of Medical and Wellness tourism in Bulgaria – related opportunities and stakeholders’ motivation for future development.

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This dissertation presented an investigation of the present status of medical and wellness tourism in Bulgaria. Furthermore, it focused on the future development and possibilities of involving key stakeholders in the industry. Secondary research was conducted and previous findings summarised. A qualitative study was also conducted using interviews. According to findings, there was a need and motivation for the development and growth of the tourism sector in Bulgaria. Currently, there are several challenges that need to be addressed based on the analysis.


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