Failure is the cause of many psychological and mental problems in the human world. In the academic sector, students are expected to pass a good number of tests, assignments, and examinations to prove their learning and intellect capabilities. Nobody plans to fail. Students work hard in school with the hope of passing their exams, however not all the hard work is rewarded. Failing in school is never because of one reason, but an accumulation of reasons. It is, therefore, important that students understand the reason for the influx of failing grades. If the reasons for failing are avoided, then we will have a powerful success process. Below is a list of all the major reasons that students fail:

  1. Some students Fail because they are not ready for college

Many students fail because they are not prepared for college type of work in terms of reading, writing and thinking skills. Most students do not have the ability to express themselves in a written format; others are not able to understand or comprehend their assignments. In a nutshell, many students have the inability to think critically. Research shows that many students do not understand how to be active and engaged in the learning process. Many students do not know that college requires more commitment, deep reading, critical thinking, asking for assistance, and purposeful study.

Other students are very good at procrastinating. Students wait until it is the end of the semester to start working on assignments, study for the exam and attend tutorials. Learners have an unrealistic expectation about the time needed to do their assignments. Once you get behind, it is hard to catch up (Companies such as Elite Custom Essays has devised online systems that enable students to catch up in their studies. The website has professionals who offer tutorials and assignment help)


  1. Many students fail to put effort and Perseverance

You need to know that dedication and hard work leads to success in school as well as in your professional career. Students need to learn taking hardships as challenges. Failing students go to class late, and when they attend class, all they do is playing video games or sending text messages. A lot of students do not pay attention in class. Giving up on Mathematics or sciences results in failure in school. Do not give up on any subject because others say it is hard. It all boils down to your attitude and level of effort you are willing to channel.

  1. Lack of Interest or Motivation

Such failing students do not comprehend how their education relates to their lives. Failing students do not have clear goals of where they are going. Other students do not have the desire to be in school, they are pressured by parents to be in school.

  1. Over-confidence

Some students who initially passed exams get the mentality that they are sharp and that they know everything. Such students are overly sure about their knowledge and skills. Too much confidence prevents students from accepting and working on their weaknesses. Over-confident students fail because they are never able to study to their optimal level and they, therefore, end up failing their exams.

  1. Tutor Influence

Good tutors make students pass their exams. Tutors make students have an easy time understanding stuff. Elite tutors assist students with their assignments, guide them on how to do exams, and train them how to make good presentations for the term paper.

  1. Some Students Fail because of their Low confidence or self-esteem

Lack of self-confidence prevents students from realizing their potential. The thought of not passing their exams is sometimes a hindrance of even trying to work hard. Students must acknowledge the fact that we learn from our failures, and that new skills require a lot of practice and repetition.

How to Prevent Failing in School

  1. Get a tutor

Maybe it’s your professor who’s not explaining things well, or maybe you need a little extra tuition to grasp the points. Online assistance helps you learn at your pace, and gives you a chance for reviewing till you are a master. Additionally, many concepts are built upon what was taught the previous semester. If there was no full understanding of the concepts, then it becomes hard for students to understand new material. Check out Elite Custom Essays and get assistance. Elite Custom Essays suggests that all students need to have a personal tutor once every week to answer any questions that the professor did not respond to in a clear manner.

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  1. Monitor your Homework

Have a checklist or agenda where you write down your homework assignments and due dates. The checklist prevents a student from forgetting about the due dates and have their homework done in time. Do your assignments in time. Have a folder for putting your assignments so that you do not lose your work.

  1. Set a Reasonable Schedule

Homework time and study time is essential. Assess your energy levels and find the appropriate time when you are most functional. Schedule breaks such as taking 10 minutes break after every 45 minutes of studying. Studying should be a daily routine for at least 15 minutes for every subject that you take. Do not confuse study time with homework time. Studying involves reviewing material and gauging your understanding by taking quizzes.

Students fail because they never engage in physical activities such as playing games. Students need to Play too

  1. Limit your Movie/ Tv Time

Students fail because they prefer watching television, being on the internet, and playing video games. Such pose a distraction and may contribute to failing. Television makes students lose focus and are unable to concentrate on their studies. Research suggests that we limit television time, and substitute it with educational games, websites, and shows.

  1. Be Realistic

You know yourself better than anyone else. Set reasonable targets, do not strain yourself too much. Focus on making progress in your performance. A journey of a million miles starts with a few steps. If you are struggling with no hope ahead, it is advisable you just drop from that class and focus on getting a better foundation of understanding.

  1. Encourage Reading

Reading must be included in your daily schedule. Reading frequently increases your comprehension and ability to understand. The more you read, the more it becomes a habit, and the more it becomes fun. Students must choose different items to read, such as comic books, recipes, video game instructions, and magazines.

  1. Communicate with your Professor Regularly

It is essential that you build a good relationship with your lecturers. Make sure you are ahead of your class always. Let your teachers know that you want to be a better student.

  1. Be Organized

First de-clutter backpacks, lockers, and notebooks. Sort all papers and books by subject. Organization is important for success. Keep your books in an organized manner to make it easier in finding information. Do not dispose of your reading material, you may need them later.

  1. Study your Failures

It’s hard to stare at your failures right in the face, but it is essential if you want to know why you are failing in a specific subject. When the professor returns your past papers and assignments, make sure that you understand the questions that you fail, seek online help for solutions.

  1. Understand your best learning method

Take a learning style assessment test to know your best means for learning.

  • Auditory learners learn best through hearing and discussing heard information.
  • Kinesthetic learners must put concepts into practice in order to understand.
  • Visual learners learn by seeing stuff drawn into pictures or written down.

After taking the test, students understand their best style of learning.

  1. Know the most appropriate time of asking for help

Students must know when they need help and actually ask for help. They must seek online help when they do not understand. No question is a stupid question.

  1. Be encouraged and stay positive

Have a positive attitude always. Students should continue being encouraged even when things are tough. Surround yourself with people who are positive. You should accept the fact that it is very okay not to be successful in everything.

  1. Reward Progress

When you meet your goals, celebrate your accomplishments. Watch a favorite movie or grab some ice cream. Rewarding yourself will keep you motivated and encouraged.

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How to get A+ in any Test

  1. Get enough time to study for your test

Adequate time for studying helps students do better. If the study material is hard, you may need a lot of time for studying. Come up with an appropriate schedule so that you can have adequate time for revisions.

  1. Study before the Exam date

Cramming for a test is highly discouraged. Studying beforehand gives students ample time to understand concepts and get help.

Students fail because of lack of refreshing activities in their lifestyle

Yoga: Good way for students to refresh themselves and clear their mind

  1. Analyze Previous Tests

Look at the previous tests done by your predecessors. Try understand what the teacher is looking for in the tests. Also look out for the type of questions that your teacher brings. Teachers tend to repeat your assignments too in the main exam. Ensure that you go through all the assignments that you did in the past.

  1. Mince your Study Techniques

When the exam is around the corner, do not use one study technique. Change how you study every day. Spend time reading a textbook, other times learning definitions, other moments using flashcards to study, and most importantly, take tests.

  1. Get tutored

For subjects that are hard to crack, get tutored and online help. Having a more experienced person help you out in your tests and assignments gives you confidence and knowledge.

In conclusion, students fail because of a number of interconnected reasons. Students need to have reasons why they are doing a specific course and most importantly, for being in school. Students need to set expectations and goals that are achievable. You need to have a self-induced motivation to want to work hard, make gains and perform better than the bright and less motivated students.

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